Q2 Reflections and resolutions follow-up

Halfway through 2021, seems hard to believe. Time has sure breezed by!

REvisit resolutions

Here were my topics for the year:

  1. Physical: Moving with Joy
  2. Emotional: Nurture All Things
  3. Mental: Spacious
  4. Spiritual: Joyful Att/Intention

Physical: Moving with Joy

Most notably I'm doing weight exercises now. Have not been moving substantially more from my desk during the workday, but overall I have increased movement since I take more walks, do weights, longer yogas, and evening yin/load balancing.

Room for improvement:

  • Cardio more frequently. Still not doing that. Lots more walks, but no dedicated cardio.
  • Still a struggle to take breaks during the workday. I do look in the distance more, but don't take breaks really. I'm a bit stumped on this, one idea is to schedule meetings for 25 minutes.
  • Kind of dropped off doing trampolining.


  • Doing weights consistently, at least through June (April and May were still cold, not a motivator to work out). Have gained some muscle - hope to track my protein to make it easier.
  • Cleanse went well in April. Could use more consistent digestion still, I feel so bloated at times.
  • Pain free / yin exercises continued
  • Amazing food this year, at home and during travel
  • Loving the spring and summer fruits and veggies: salads, strawberries, tomatoes (especially cherries).
  • Consistent weekly massages through May, switching to every other week for the summer - feels amazing. Baths frequently really help as well, I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated after. Continued chiropractic care as well.
  • Eye drops (just filtered water, haha). Used eye pillow too - forgot about it for a while but have been lately, especially as I fall asleep listening to audiobooks.
  • Consistent daily yoga
  • Consistently work standing 2x a day
  • Semi-regular neck pillow to help reverse the office hump
  • Using a split keyboard proficiently. Have not invested further in work environment, but I enjoy and use what I have.

I feel more mobile and stronger. Love the weight workouts for sure. I still sit still for longer periods than I'd like to, especially in the afternoons.

Emotional: Nurture All Things

Substantially less frustration in Q2, even with a growing business.

Room for improvement:

  • Surrender exercises - mornings and evenings.
  • Use those top-10 thought patterns as a reference, they're just sitting on my desk now.
  • I occasionally look at what I enjoy to do by myself, but for the most part I do the same couple of things - coffee shops, baths.


  • Continued regular baths are awesome.
  • Planned time off, with family a flight, and at home.
  • Also helpful to work majority shorter days.
  • With weights, I give myself room to "cheat" or eat whatever I want, especially on Fridays. Seems to work alright.
  • Have been doing "nothing" a bit more, like laying around, or looking at the yard, or chilling on the couch.
  • Read a book on EQ (Dare to lead from Brene Brown)
  • Continued steady meditation practice, over 260 days in a row, though afternoons can be less consistent.
  • Playing lots of games - lately, Overcooked
  • Spent some time with family, invited mom over
  • Have two upcoming flight/trips planned (one US, one Europe)
  • Doing these quarterly reviews, and monthly reflections!
  • Counting Dare to lead as a business book. Started a second business book
  • Leadership: OKRs are going well, hired an employee, continued on our processes.

Did some nurturing at work with the team, especially as we hired a new employee. Would like to do more.

I still catch myself rushing, more on that in the mental.

Mental: Spacious

With over 250 consecutive days of meditation, I feel more space. I also read this article about Efficiency vs Slack, and have more appreciation than before for keeping my life spacious.

I now "unplan" 2 hours per day. I still rush, especially when I'm excited - and I'd like to buffer more time between my meetings, which I've started doing. I repeat to myself that I have time, and it helps as a mantra.

Room for improvement:

  • Still taking breaks. I do take some longer ones, but not frequently enough on the shorter ones.
  • Shared the mission with employees and discussed it, but have not consolidated that into one coherent document.
  • Lagging on doing my financial review. I have a breakdown and next steps, but haven't put in the time.


  • Completed the bulk of my financial review, and taking steps beyond that - such as life/disability insurance. What a relief!
  • Continued mentorship at work, leadership and process focus.
  • Continued focus on OKRs, though it's time for Q3 OKRs now!
  • Continued 6 hour workdays, some going up to 7 but rarely over. And many half days, especially fridays.
  • Pretty great about 6 hour workdays, though there are quite a few exceptions too. Half-day Fridays are working well.
  • Planning 1h open has also worked well, part of the daily Passion Planner setup.
  • Have done coaching and looking to schedule the next one, with Marius.

Spiritual: Joyful Att/Intention

It has been a more spiritual time, if only because spring has come, I'm gardening regularly, and spend more time outside. Have hiked a bit as well.

Room for improvement

  • Didn't do another breahtwork.
  • Not doing long meditation sessions or retreat yet.
  • More coaching.


  • Took 1 hot spring trip, 1 more booked
  • Leading with nurture, joy as well
  • Got even more plants. Growing more in the garden.
  • Epic snowstorm and picture of peregrine falcon. Picture of great horned owl (a big one!)
  • Consistent reflection monthly, and baths.

I'm continuing to write joys in my daily journal as well!

Present and future

How am I now? What's cooking?

I'm feeling lighter and more mobile. Still wary of my body, especially legs/hips as I sit for long periods. Doing weights and shorter workdays have helped with this. Have been better about resting my eyes in the evenings.

Q3 will be busy and lively, with concerts, trips, family time, nature time, and lots of yum food and drinks. Excited about all of these.

Am also looking forward to more peace and focus on sales/marketing for Uplift.

As for who I am beyond work, I think some of the tips in this networking article relate: someone who takes the time to help, be thoughtful and considerate, and helps oneself as well. I'm also coming to embrace the flexibility of the company we're creating and feel proud to be a part of it and sharing the joys. To a beautiful Q3!