Paul Craciunoiu · paul [at] craciunoiu (dot) net

Work Experience

Founder, Tech Consultant, March 2016


  • Founded a consultancy after freelancing for 2 years
  • Grown to 15+ employees and contractors
  • Help small companies and founders build and launch products
  • High profile clients such as Credit Karma, sweetgreen, NerdWallet
  • Specialize in building websites and mobile apps
  • Quality, product engineering

Software Engineer and Junior PM, March 2013

Minerva Project

  • Engineer #4
  • Learned to build single-page web applications
    • A Clojure then Django backend
    • Using grunt, jQuery, Backbone and Marionette for the front-end
  • Implemented prototype for websocket backend in python
  • Stepped up to create and lead the Minerva Admissions Website
    • Beginnings of product management, sketching, wireframes and requirements documents
    • Technical lead and often solo engineer, using Django and AWS backend
    • Tackled challenging problems with extremely tight deadlines
    • Implemented security and encryption of student data

Software Engineer, Feb 2012

Humble Bundle

  • Engineer #3
  • Working in a fun and stimulating environment
  • Programming with Google App Engine, python and Android
  • Focus on creating an awesome codebase overall

CTO and founder, Feb 2011 - Jan 2012

SoWink Inc.

  • Fast-changing environment, direct involvement with every aspect of running a company
  • Devise product vision, company culture and priorities with founding team
  • Lead a team of 5 developers in line with product vision and priorities
  • Mentor team closely, weekly 1:1 private meetings and weekly workshops
  • Managerial focus on employee growth, productivity and an open, enthusiastic culture
  • Technical focus on maintainability, readability, scalability, performance

Web Developer, Jun 2008 - Apr 2011

Mozilla Corporation

  • Part of WebDev team since early stages, team has doubled in size during my period here
  • Focus on (SUMO), serving 30M+ unique visitors monthly
  • Rewrite of support site in Django, assisted by just 1 other developer
  • Extensive front-end and back-end experience, multiple web servers, database replication
  • Code reviews, peer programming, test-driven development, continuous integration, etc.

Student Assistant, Website Administrator and Developer, Aug 2007 - Jan 2011

San Jose Math Circle

  • Create and maintain website using Drupal, holding weekly class for 30+ students
  • Manage logistics: enroll students, interact with parents, update site, announcements

Website Administrator and Developer



Python, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Java, C++, HTML5, CSS3, RSS/XML, UML, Matlab, LaTeX


Django, git, vim, Drupal, Apache, Nginx, Eclipse, UNIX, Amazon Web Services


B.S. degree in Computer Science, Jun 2010

San Jose State University/UC Santa Cruz, CA, USA - GPA: 3.8/4.0

  • Relevant Coursework: Operating Systems, Algorithm Design, Compilers; Computational Models; Data Structures and Algorithms; Database Systems; Matlab; Assembly Language; Computer Systems; Computer Architecture; Graphs Trees, Networks
  • Awards: Dean’s Scholar honors award; Computer Science Scholarship for academic achievements


NASA Sponsored Research Project, SJSU, Jan - May 2008

  • Team leader of a group of five; coordinate meetings, discussions, code writing
  • Develop model in Matlab using algorithms on graphs and large scale computation
  • Present results to NASA sponsors, SJSU faculty and prospective sponsors
  • Publish paper here


  • "Causal Sets and Quantum Gravity", Northern California Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (NOCALUMC), April 19, 2008, Sonoma, CA.
  • "Neural Networks", NOCALUMC, April 21, 2007, Sonoma, CA.