Q1 Reflections and resolutions follow-up

Almost a quarter into 2021, and I'm excited to follow through and reflect on how it's been going so far. Also, to add some notes about the present and future wishings!

A look at resolutions

Here were my topics for the year:

  1. Physical: Moving with Joy
  2. Emotional: Nurture All Things
  3. Mental: Spacious
  4. Spiritual: Joyful Att/Intention

Physical: Moving with Joy

Tracking well. Overall, I feel less soreness, stiffness, and pain (esp in my right leg), and I've increased my movement with walks, weights, trampolining, and a bit of cardio here and there (including shoveling, haha).

Room for improvement:

  • Cardio more frequently. Nowhere near 90m per week, but hey it's winter
  • Look forward to do a cleanse in April - reminder is set!
  • Still a struggle to take breaks when I'm in the zone or overwhelmed with things to do. Try pomodoros to take breaks - or use the 20/20/20 with a few min break. Use small weights, too.
  • Start weights more in Q2 and gain some weight.


  • Pain free / yin exercises regularly, even while traveling
  • Kited 10 days a year already!
  • Amazing food this year, at home and during travel
  • Got small weights for the office to play with
  • Did some cardio, regular walks, trampolining
  • Super tasty winter CSA, enjoyed every bit of it. Plus, eating lots of fats this winter.

Moving with joy, the overall theme, has been with me for the year so far. I find ways to move more or walk a little farther.

Emotional: Nurture All Things

As last year was quite frustrating and even aggravating at times, I wanted to take this year and channel my pent up emotions in healthier ways. There has definitely been growth.

Room for improvement:

  • Let go and don't dwell so much on frustrations and anger. I wrote down my top 10 thought patterns, and a lot of it is repeating things people said, or worrying that something needs to be done, or what others think of me, how could they say x, etc.
  • Plan time off for Q2 - at least 1 week is planned. 1 more to go, perhaps in June or late May.
  • The 1x/wk cheat day isn't really happening, but I do allow myself to break out of norms or diets when I want to. Perhaps formalizing this into what it means would help, but I also don't feel a strong need to carve out a whole day.
  • I don't really spend time doing nothing, but I do take it easier, especially on the weekends. Baths are perhaps the closest I get to this. Set a reminder for this on Sundays to give it a more solid try.


  • Did some meditations on acceptance and letting go of stress, with visualizations that have helped. Also reading a book on forgiveness!
  • Took a solo trip (part of the trip, but longer than 3 days). I really enjoyed it and got into a groove, walked a lot, spent a lot of time in the sun, cooked, and savored all the moments while not working (I also didn't work for at least 3 days).
  • Mediation practice has been going great, almost a 140 day streak now, with more than half the days getting a 2nd afternoon session in too.
  • Lots of reflections this year. Using the passion planner, a joy/gratitude journal, and monthly looking back too.
  • Spent time with family. Though there's always room for more, I decided to stop making myself feel bad, especially since I always make an effort.
  • 1 flight down! 1 more booked. Road trips start in late spring.
  • Read a great book about emotional health - The Continuum Concept

I feel there's room for improvement in the "nurturing" mindset, too, to be kinder and gentler with myself. I catch myself rushing or jerking around.

Mental: Spacious

With the forgiveness, acceptance, letting go of stress and meditation, on top of regular massages, my mind is much more patient and spacious than before. "I have just enough time" mantra has helped keep at bay that rushed feeling that can be so addictive. I channel some of it into playing games now, and have also been less busy at work, primarily by delegating more and keeping myself out of technical work for new opportunities.

Room for improvement:

  • Taking longer breaks. I do take 3 breaks per day, but they could be longer, especially the first and last.
  • Have not worked on the mission as much this year, though had conversations about it often.
  • Not really doing creative afternoons. Have done a bit. Instead I'm starting my day with focus on internal business priorities, which has helped. This one may need changed.
  • Lagging on doing my financial review. I have a breakdown and next steps, but haven't put in the time.


  • Reading. I'm reading a lot, already at 10 books for the year (only 1 is business). This is amazing!
  • Have added more joy at Uplift, want to continue this. Also setting up more process around check-ins, but have had 1:1s adhoc.
  • Pretty great about 6 hour workdays, though there are quite a few exceptions too. Half-day Fridays are working well.
  • Planning 1h open has also worked well, part of the daily Passion Planner setup.
  • Have done coaching and looking to schedule the next one, with Marius.

Spiritual: Joyful Att/Intention

In the spiritual sense, more connection with nature is perhaps the most lacking piece. I did enjoy this on vacation, which is probably easier too - being on the beach and kiting with manta rays jumping around me :) Amazing experience!

Room for improvement:

  • Doing nothing more often
  • More plants
  • More coaching. More mentoring of others, too - have started a bit on this, but there is room for more.
  • A meditation retreat
  • Trips to hot springs
  • Take a deeper look in the mirror


  • Did a breathwork session! So uplifting :)
  • Meditations, 2x daily most times
  • Got plans! At least 5. Plus, started some seeds and most of them have turned into seedlings and are now growing really well!
  • Baths and deep breathing
  • Lots of reflection this year
  • Family time has been spiritual with being an uncle! The wonders of a child.

More joy in my spirits would be nice. I do feel it there, and with the daily practice of writing joys in a journal, and weekly into a jar, it's taking a front seat.

Present and future

After all that, I wanted to take a few minutes and reflect on how I am now and what's cookin soon.

The main things I look forward to are: feeling stronger, moving more, taking more breaks, resting my eyes, and continuing a lot of the good habits I've established.

Spring will make it easier to spend time outdoors, as well as travel. Look forward to enjoy nature more, perhaps begin to hike and explore Colorado. Perhaps attend some group classes, network.

Am also looking forward to hiring at Uplift, and detaching myself more from some of the engineering and getting more into other aspects of the business, to make it easier to grow and run smoothly.

Have been asking myself a lot: who am I besides work? The most prevalent answer is: I enjoy service and growth. Learning and mentoring, giving and building. I don't have a coherent story yet, but I have hope of one manifesting with directed intention and regular practice and perseverance.