A simple life's to-do list

Following gandalf's idea, I'm starting this to-do list for things I want to experience in this life.

Created on: 10/10/10
Last updated: 07/20/15

  1. Save someone's life.
  2. Cause a car accident.
  3. Spend a week in Tibet and visit the Monks there.
  4. Visit Greece.
    • Greek Islands
    • Mediterranean sea.
    • Ancient Greek artifacts.
    • North Greece
  5. Visit Oahu, Hawaii
  6. Visit Puerto Rico.
  7. Visit Miami.
    • Visit Key West, southernmost point of continental USA.
  8. See the Amazonian rainforest.
  9. See an African safari.
  10. Visit Sweden
  11. Visit Norway/Iceland.
  12. Visit Japan.
  13. Eat at French Laundry (or other expensive yet ridiculously delicious place).
  14. Sky dive.
  15. Snorkel with tropical fish.
  16. Surf.
  17. Hang glide
    • I'd love to repeat.
  18. Surf at Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii.
  19. Go to outer space and see this.
  20. Own a hammock.
  21. Visit Paris.
  22. Visit Yosemite National Park.
    • See Vernal, Nevada, Bridalveil waterfalls.
    • Watch the sunset from Sentinel's Dome.
  23. Watch the sunset from Carmel Beach, Monterey.
  24. Have sex on a beach.
  25. Take an awesome car for a test drive.
  26. Hug a tree.
  27. Fall asleep while watching a movie projected on the ceiling.
  28. Visit Egypt and see the Great Pyramid.
  29. Attend a basketball game.
  30. See Loreena McKennitt in concert.
  31. Bungee jump.
  32. See an iceberg.
  33. Visit Greenland.
  34. See a total eclipse of the sun.
  35. Go rock climbing.
  36. Visit Ireland.
  37. Give a speech in front of more than a thousand people (yes, I want to be that famous).
  38. Have and raise at least 2 children.
  39. Scuba dive at a tropical island.
  40. Have a really unusual wedding (hopefully unusual in a good way).
  41. Practice meditation for an entire week.
  42. Speak at least one of the following languages fluently:
    • Italian
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Greek
    • British (just kidding)
  43. Pull off a good-enough British accent.
  44. Visit Romanian monasteries from Moldova.
  45. Swim in the Dead Sea.
  46. Visit Thailand.
  47. Visit Madagascar.
  48. Play a game with a chimpanzee.
  49. Reach a 6% body fat percentage.
  50. Write a book (it can be about anything).
  51. Have sex in a car.
  52. Fire a real gun.
  53. Live on an island for a month (so close, did it for a week)
  54. Sleep on top of a building.
  55. Visit New York.
  56. Touch a girl's face in the dark for so long that I remember it perfectly.
  57. Shave my head.
  58. Dye my hair purple or blonde.
  59. Visit Zion National Park and hike Angel's Landing
  60. Visit Yosemite (again) and hike to the highest point.
  61. Dive in a submarine.
  62. Visit Australia
  63. See a kangaroo in the wild (outside of the zoo).
  64. Dress up for halloween and show it off.
  65. Build a large sand castle (e.g. longer than 0.5m).
  66. Ride a horse.
  67. Snowboard at Lake Tahoe.
  68. Be part of a start-up.
  69. Be lost at sea.
  70. Visit Pucon, Chile (snow, volcano, beach)
    • Saw pictures from October
  71. Visit Costa Rica (visited, but didn't do the below)
    • Volcanoes, lava
    • River rafting
    • Black sand beaches
  72. Fracture a bone.
  73. Experiment with relationship styles.
    • Can always do more, but I feel accomplished.
  74. Kiteboard, jump, and do backrolls and frontrolls.
  75. Become sustainably self-employed.