The day I grew older and stronger

This year, I have been traveling for over 5 months. That's the most I've been away from home since I moved to Colorado.

And next year is shaping up to up the ante.

I'd been thinking how my values are taking more nuanced shapes, how much experiences have shaped me.

So what is this post about? I think it's about the experience of experiencing. I may have a lot in common with you. I tell myself I value experiences and save where I can on material possessions. When I have a hundred bucks to spend, I look at it as a choice between the two, and usually choose an experience. Food, for example. A concert. A travel experience, like a cooking class or scuba diving.

But what if an experience also included investing in my learning? Or doing nothing?

Kristin reminded me today of the power of leading by example. I could be leading by example by taking extremely good care of myself. And, as I'm growing older, my body, my habits, my values are all growing stronger.

I'm taking good care of my body and plan to continue this trend.

I'm taking good care of my brain, and will do the same.

This year, Uplift (my company) launched the Longevity newsletter, which is not so secretly an opportunity for me to learn more about how to live a longer, healthier life.

I'd been thinking a lot about this article on multitasking. I still structure my day to avoid it, but I definitely practice switching tasks more than I used to. I feel like I'm training my brain to switch focus more quickly--not something I want.