The mixology of dating: business and pleasure

We all know the line between business an pleasure can be hard to draw. But what if your company is all about online dating?

Well, every now and then I find myself thinking back to the days of SoWink. As with all thoughts, the link starts in the present: I am still deeply passionate about relationships.

  • How do relationships develop?
  • What makes people connect?
  • What describes a sustainable relationship?
  • How do you know if someone is right for you?
  • In an era when marriage's success is highly questionable, should you still get married?
  • How should you raise your children? What kind of environment may be best for them?
  • How many relationships should you have?

Of course, none of those questions have black or white answers.

So I keep thinking. How many people's lives would be so much better if they had more fun, sustainable, in developing relationships and connecting.

Often times, to me, it feels as though that's all that life is about. Learning, growing, and feeling. All so that you can touch people's lives somehow.