Full time @ Mozilla, yay!

I've been meaning to blog about this for about a month now! Finally, here it is: I started my full time envolvement with Mozilla on July 12, right after an amazing Summit.

What's it like?

First of all I must say that working here is amazing. It's more than just the things we do here -- web browser, mail client, lots of websites and serious community engagement (and many many other things, some of which you can read about on planet, spread firefox, or mozilla.org). It's about the spirit of Mozilla. It goes hand in hand with our manifesto -- our mission is to help make a better internet for everyone (e.g.). To strangers of the Mozilla culture, that may sound like a catchy advertisement, but those who have been in contact with the Mozilla community know the dedication and excitement that drives us, to help drive toward a world in which it's all about real people being able to have and create the world that they want, privately, securely, freely.

As a side note, one of the things a lot of people don't know about Mozilla is that it's a non profit. Yes, that's right. And we're open and always looking for help :)

What changed?

I'd been contracting for Mozilla for the past 2 years, while in college. Working full time is better in many ways, but here are just some that have made a difference for me: * I graduated UCSC, woot! (still waiting for that official diploma, though!) * More focus. Having just one job to focus on, as opposed to other side things that come along with contracting * Oficially, more responsibility and say in decisions, always a good thing! * And a phone line (which I don't use, but it makes me feel important!)

I was never a volunteer, but I was an intern -- that's how I started. I had no idea that I was going to enjoy working here so much. Really, though, it doesn't feel like work.

What's in store for me (and for you)?

Mostly, SUMO. Some things I'm helping with, past and future:

The end

Thank you, Mozilla, for being so awesome! I'm glad to have the fortune of working here.

If you would like to know more about Mozilla, web development (here and in general), and what I do here, don't hesitate to ask.